About 7 Stitches Art & Gallery

Kate & Dan Hennessy are enthusiastic, mixed media, 3 dimensional and realism to abstract artists. They draw on their passion and experience with wildlife and the diversity of nature, inspired by the natural world around them.

Working in their studio on Brisbane’s northside and surrounded by an abundance of materials, tools, and multiple works in progress, their studio is a hive of activity, experimenting with inks, acrylics, clay, resins, UV reactive paints and textures.

Spending time with the dynamic duo gives you a clear sense of their passion and creativity! Both born and raised in Brisbane, Kate and Dan’s stories and experiences drive their passion and have shaped their works.

In her childhood Kate watched her mother and grandmother create beautiful floral arrangements, quill paper masterpieces, design and decorate Christmas outfits and gifts. Wilma, Kate’s mother, had a large collection of rubber stamps and embossing tools that she taught Kate to use. But Wilma’s flare was for the most beautiful quilting, ribbon embroidery and beautifully detailed crazy patchworking that left people in awe!

But this was just the beginning, Kate’s creativity and flare took its own shape as she grew and from a young age started in performing arts, diving into ballet, tap and jazz dancing. While in her extra time also collecting stamps and stickers. But it was in high school when she met Mrs Barnes, her art teacher, who introduced her to clay, pastels, airbrushing and multimedia, that lay the foundation of Kate’s creative curiosity.

Dan however, has been drawing since he could pick up a pen, with boxes full of books containing sketches of unusual characters spilling from his imagination. Dan loves the hidden world of ultra violet and glow in the dark paints which give depth and extra life to his works. His love of birds and bird watching inspiring some of his more detailed and intricate works.

Fluid art is among the pair's favourite processes with every piece of art completely unique as no 2 are ever the same! Together they produce vibrant and thought provoking art.